From stressed to serene in 3 steps (free ebook)

• Do you avoid certain activities, people or places for fear they might trigger anxiety?

• Do you wake up feeling overwhelmed before the day has even started?

• Do you worry a lot about what could be, will be, might be?


• How much easier would your life be without anxiety?

• How much more energy would you have?

• How much freer would you feel to go after what (or who :) you really want?


Hi, my name is Sylvie Barthelemy and my passion is to help women prone to anxiety cultivate a calm mind in a relaxed body, while reconnecting to their heart's deepest longing.

My own healing journey has shown me repeatedly that stress and anxiety have nothing to do with externals and that the only way to heal nervous system disorders is from the inside out. Firstly with a shift of mindset, secondly by soothing and replenishing an often frazzled nervous system. I help my clients get to that place with a combination of Core Energy™ coaching, yoga and mindfulness, Ayurvedic medicine and the occasional dancing. Those modalities have helped me to break free from anxiety and experience emotional freedom, I personally know they work and they can help you as well to:

Build an inner reservoir of calmness.

Release negative thinking patterns.

Increase self-awareness and develop perspective.

Feel grounded in yourself.

Soothe your mind and senses in a healthy way.

Generate strong and stable energy day in, day out.

Trust your intuition for small and big decisions alike.

Remember who you really are! (i.e.not your symptoms.)


"The holistic approach to healing stress and anxiety is to address the one thing you have 100% control over: your internal environment. By pro-actively cultivating calm, inner-peace and relaxation the usual triggers will gradually lose their power. In the event you found yourself reacting, your reservoir of calmness will help you stay present with unsettling feelings and allow them to pass. Shifting your mindset, unwinding your nervous system and connecting to your higher wisdom is key."


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