From stressed to serene in 3 steps ! (free ebook)

Discover what it's like to truly be alive, awake and ready for anything!

Do you wake up every day feeling tired, uninspired and overwhelmed with life?

Do you find it difficult to stick to any self-care practice for very long?

Are you confused about the ton of (conflicting) information out there on how to achieve optimal health?


If so, welcome to Stress-Free in The City.

My passion is to help women like you, to:

• Generate strong and stable energy day in, day out.

• Achieve greater mental clarity and focus.

• Develop your most reliable guidance system, your intuition.

• Infuse your life with more of your own spark and spirit!



"Stress arises when you react to external circumstances, none of which you can control. Therefore the only way to nip stress in the bud is to pro-actively change the one thing you have 100% control over: your internal environment. That's what self-care is for. When you feel calm and centered in yourself you'll find it impossible to react. Consistent self-care is your immunity against stress + passport to a more fulfilling life."



From Stressed to Serene 

in 3 Steps!

Find out how to:

• Quiet your mind.

• Boost your energy level naturally.

• Reconnect to your innate state

  of joy.

From Stress to Serene in 3 Steps - eBook

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“ I just wanted to Thank you for the "Getting your Beauty Sleep" event. You are such an amazing and inspiring teacher. I learned so much!! I got 7 hours of sleep last night and I only woke up once! I did the abdominal breathing and was back to sleep in no time.”

Felicia Gibson Jaycox

New York City, NY

” Sylvie! I love what you taught, you have an amazing energy & knowledge of all of it :). I really enjoyed what you shared and even used an oil that I have in the shower tonight, it was really nice… I need to relax and do that more often :). So thank you!!.” .”

Danielle Kle

New York City, NY

"Take care of yourself first
and everything else will fall into place."