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France + A New Yoga Class on the Upper West Side!

I wanted to wish you a wonderful 2014. I hope this year will see you get out of your comfort zone to expand, connect, love and live each moment with full awareness and a sense of humor too! I recently came back from France, where I visited my family. The photo above was taken near St Rémy de Provence. Such a beautiful area. I got to…

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How to Spiritualize Your Life (part one)

A New Year is upon us. This is usually a time of reflection on the direction we want our life to take, what we want more of, less of, and overall how to achieve more balance. The Struggle In today’s climate of economic and political instability more and more people are turning to spirituality to find an anchor. Some of us already committed to a spiritual…

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How is Working Hard Working For You?

How often have you felt guilty taking some time off?? Maybe you’ve even made up lies to explain why you were late at work, or needed to step out of your office urgently. When really all you wanted, no, NEEDED, was a little more time to be with yourself. Let’s face it our society doesn’t value relaxing, introspection and contemplation much.…

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A Healthier You = A Healthier Planet

As the year draws to a close I am feeling contemplative. Even though Stress-Free in the City is a young company, it is the manifestation of a life-long passion I’ve had to empower women around their health. And so I cannot help but ponder the bigger implications, when more and more women begin striving for, and reaching greater physical, emotional and spiritual…

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What You Probably Never Schedule for Yourself. (and need most!)

With the Holiday Season in full swing, I bet your schedule is filling up quickly. Attending holiday parties, getting gifts for loved ones, sending pretty cards with heartfelt notes, maybe giving some of your time to those in need, baking gingerbread cookies…All those should theoretically be a lot of fun. After all isn’t “‘Tis the season to be Merry” !?…

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The Secret to Feeling On Top Everyday (+ Dec.11th Special Event)

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed with everything you think you SHOULD be doing everyday to stay in shape? Like, wake up early, have a full morning practice that includes some kind of cleansing, breathing, meditation, perhaps also exercising and journaling. And how about inspirational reading? Yeah, that one can really shift your mindset positively. Then of course there’s food, got to be healthy,…

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What I Do To Stay In Shape.

I was recently interviewed by a really cool girl, Laura Yamin. Laura helps women entrepreneur build a business and life they love, that is in alignment with their soul-purpose. I kinda like that. Love that! So Laura asked me a few questions about what are my go-to self-care tools, and also the advice I would give women wanting to live a…

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You are NOT what you eat.

You’ve probably come across the phrase “You are what you eat”. Ayurveda tells us this is only partly true: we really are what we digest. Even if you eat the best diet of organic, local and seasonal food appropriate for your mind-body type, if you are not digesting all this great food very well then you’re not getting all the…

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The Missing Element in Most Women’s Healing Journey

Do you suffer from a chronic health condition? Or maybe someone you love does? If so, you probably know how that can so easily take center stage in one’s life. From spending hours each day dwelling on our problem to taking a bunch of supplements, exercising, stretching, meditating, cleansing, in addition to seeing various doctors and health practitioners, it’s easy to lose…

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Drink to Detox?

Hot water that is. Sorry. Doesn’t sound very exciting right? Well, it’s not really meant to be. But gosh, How much more simple and inexpensive does it get than drinking water!? And if you knew how beneficial it can be for your health, you might become an adept like me. Hopefully by the end of this article. Water Stabilizes Your body is 60% water. Water…

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