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From stressed to serene in 3 steps (free ebook)

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Relax and Find That New Ideal Job!? You bet. (An Evening With Sylvie & Tecla on 11/8)

Have you been dreaming of leaving your current sucky job forever…? Transitions are scary. Leaving a job that no longer fulfills you for something much better, but that you can’t see yet, can cause a lot of anxiety. While a certain amount of stress and anxiety is normal, too much of it can either paralyze you, or cause you to make…

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Shush & Shake Your Soul®! A Yoga-Dance Experience on Sept. 22nd

Back on august 3rd I wrote to you about Shake Your Soul®, what it is, how I got to it and what it can do for you. In case you missed that post you can read it here. Today I’m happy to announce my first Shake Your Soul® (SYS) class is scheduled for Friday September 22nd, 6pm-7:15pm at the Joffrey…

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Could you be suffering from FDS? (Fun Deficiency Syndrome)

Happy 5th everyone! If you live in the United States I hope your holiday week-end was light and playful. I’ve got kids, well young adults, visiting from overseas so I’m officially 19 again. I love it! I love it because in typical scorpio fashion my tendency is to be serious. I’ve always found immense satisfaction in studying, contemplative practices and…

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Micro-Practices for Your Busy Life

Have you ever felt that all the self-care practices you knew were too time-consuming to stick to? I have. If you’ve worked with me you know I’ll find you shortcuts for everything: self-massage, meditation, breathing, detox, relaxation. Consistency is key if your self-care is to yield the biggest return on investment over the long-run. That’s why I’m a big believer in…

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Sit Back, Listen and Relax Deeply (New Guided Relaxation Audio!)

Are you stressed? Research has shown that women experience higher levels of stress than men during the holidays. Will you be gift shopping, meal-planning, decorating, hostessing, looking to make everyone feel good, while looking good!? How do you cope with the pressures coming from all sides? One word: self-care. Food, alcohol, shoe-shopping, uppers and downers of all kinds, all wonderful…

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The Best + Quickest Way Out of Confusion

In my last post I identified a couple of obstacles that often arise when we’re seeking to bring change in our lives. First, the belief that somehow there will come a perfect moment to take action. Usually tomorrow. But as we saw, tomorrow never comes. I also discussed how one decision was all it took to get the ball rolling in a new direction of your…

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Things Won’t Get Better Tomorrow. Here’s Why. (Uplifting read, for real!)

Have you been meaning to change something about you, your mindset, your lifestyle, for what seems like forever? Deep inside you know that in order to take your health, happiness or productivity to the next level you need to cut back on late-night TV, your coffee, weed or wine consumption. Perhaps you’re craving mind-expanding experiences in the form of traveling,…

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Why You’re Not Feeling on Top of Your Game.

Read this. You subscribe to a bunch of cutting edge, inspirational, holistic health newsletters (including mine). You regularly get all fired up about starting a new meditation course, cleanse or exercise routine, only to see your initial enthusiasm fizzle out in days if not hours. • You’d love to sleep better, have more energy, be more focused. You kinda sorta know the things you should…

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From Being Quiet to Experiencing Silence – Another Kind of Detox

I’m back from my silent retreat and still feeling its calming effects a few weeks later. I loved Costa Rica! Once I got used to the lizards in my bedroom and driving 20 miles an hour on dirt roads, without seeing a soul or sign for miles! It was so refreshingly rugged. Wild nature, fresh organic food, the ocean and of course…

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Why You Need to Stop Saying “I Should…” ASAP.

Lately I’ve been struck by how often I hear people begin their sentences with “I should…” For example: • I should quit this job. • I should go to bed earlier. • I should cook at home more often. • I should have known better. And of course the perennial (among yoga practitioners) … • I should meditate more often. I have many more examples at my disposal. All…

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