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From stressed to serene in 3 steps (free ebook)

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The Time Has Come to Shake Your Soul®! (A New Offering…)

I just came back from a Shake Your Soul® teacher training at Kripalu, in Lenox, MA. and what can I say…. #bestweekever ! Was it the beautiful souls I danced with? The joy of moving our bodies freely and fluidly? The outstanding music we danced to? The most inspiring teachers? The safe and loving space that allowed for authentic connections

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Be The Change: How To

In part one of this post we looked at the profound wisdom in Gandhi‘s famous words “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I pointed out that there is only one place where we can apply such wisdom: our everyday life. Indeed, daily life provides us with a gazillion opportunities to embody the qualities we wish to see more plentiful…

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Be The Change Blah-Blah-Blah…

It’s not even spring and what a year it’s been already. Unfolding events on the national and global stage are leaving many of us stunned. I’ve been observing increasing levels of anxiety and depression among my clients. Overpowering emotions make it difficult to see a clear way ahead and it’s tempting to wallow in anger or poor-me-mentality. Well, I’d like…

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The Best + Quickest Way Out of Confusion

In my last post I identified a couple of obstacles that often arise when we’re seeking to bring change in our lives. First, the belief that somehow there will come a perfect moment to take action. Usually tomorrow. But as we saw, tomorrow never comes. I also discussed how one decision was all it took to get the ball rolling in a new direction of your…

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Find Me at the East Meets West Festival Sunday May 22nd!

Hola chicas! A quick note to keep you posted on the latest. I’ll be presenting this Sunday, May 22nd 2016, at the East Meets West Festival in New York City. What is it? A new kind of festival that combines art, wellness and wisdom. The speakers line-up is great (hey, I’m in there! :)) Seriously, Robert Thurman will deliver a talk on the “Relation of Buddhist…

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From Being Quiet to Experiencing Silence – Another Kind of Detox

I’m back from my silent retreat and still feeling its calming effects a few weeks later. I loved Costa Rica! Once I got used to the lizards in my bedroom and driving 20 miles an hour on dirt roads, without seeing a soul or sign for miles! It was so refreshingly rugged. Wild nature, fresh organic food, the ocean and of course…

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Silence please. Pleaaaaaaaaase!

If you live in New York or any other big city you know silence is a rare commodity there. Non-stop sirens, alarms and honking, buses, trucks, loading and unloading, the screeching hellish sound of subway trains pulling into the station, all conspire to create a maddening environment. Even restaurants! You’d think respite could be found there, but no. They’re as noisy…

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Why You Need to Stop Saying “I Should…” ASAP.

Lately I’ve been struck by how often I hear people begin their sentences with “I should…” For example: • I should quit this job. • I should go to bed earlier. • I should cook at home more often. • I should have known better. And of course the perennial (among yoga practitioners) … • I should meditate more often. I have many more examples at my disposal. All…

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Your Life Experience: Flowing or Fragmented?

In the midst of this holiday season, the last thing you probably need from me is another technique to squeeze into your daily practice of self-care, assuming it’s still in place (anyone needs a tune-up? ;). Don’t get me wrong I love techniques, have used them, teach them and still use them to achieve specific physical/mental/emotional states. But a technique-heavy approach to…

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Feeling Stuck? Happy to Give You a Kick in the Butt This Sunday (With Love :)

Hello Sunshine, Could you use a little help to snap out of your wintery self? Are you struggling to get going in the morning, feel enthusiastic about anything and just take action in any part of your life?! Rest assured, it’s not just you. The end of the winter sees a lot of us feeling stuck (from mildly to majorly). Maybe…

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