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From stressed to serene in 3 steps (free ebook)

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Find Me at the East Meets West Festival Sunday May 22nd!

Hola chicas! A quick note to keep you posted on the latest. I’ll be presenting this Sunday, May 22nd 2016, at the East Meets West Festival in New York City. What is it? A new kind of festival that combines art, wellness and wisdom. The speakers line-up is great (hey, I’m in there! :)) Seriously, Robert Thurman will deliver a talk on the “Relation of Buddhist…

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The Myth and Danger of Multitasking

• Have you noticed a change in your attention span over the last 10 years?  (I have.) • Has it been more challenging for you to read ONE book at the time, all the way through to the last page? (I have) • How often do you walk down the street or go for a run sans earbuds, sans your phone?  • Do…

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On 11/17 in NYC Shake Your Soul, A Yoga-Dance Experience to Let Loose, Reground & Recharge
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