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From stressed to serene in 3 steps (free ebook)

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The Time Has Come to Shake Your Soul®! (A New Offering…)

I just came back from a Shake Your Soul® teacher training at Kripalu, in Lenox, MA. and what can I say…. #bestweekever ! Was it the beautiful souls I danced with? The joy of moving our bodies freely and fluidly? The outstanding music we danced to? The most inspiring teachers? The safe and loving space that allowed for authentic connections

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Travel Report: Teaching Yoga and Meditation in Kosovo

I recently travelled to Kosovo to teach yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic workshops. You read correctly, Kosovo! Kosovo is north of Greece and south of Hungary, to give you an idea. Because it’s a relatively new country there are many “firsts” there, and the Sparks Holistic Festival I participated in was no exception. (photos here) The first ever of its kind! How did I end up there? Thanks to a…

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The #1 Reason Why You Dread Your Morning Ritual (or lack one)

Maybe you’ve read somewhere that meditating first thing in the morning was the best thing you could do to start your day light and bright. So you’ve been sitting, but really suffering, through 20 minutes of daily morning meditation. Sadly all you’re feeling is your achy back. Or perhaps you’ve heard that a cardio work out upon awakening would provide the best endorphin high…

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Why You’re Not Feeling on Top of Your Game.

Read this. You subscribe to a bunch of cutting edge, inspirational, holistic health newsletters (including mine). You regularly get all fired up about starting a new meditation course, cleanse or exercise routine, only to see your initial enthusiasm fizzle out in days if not hours. • You’d love to sleep better, have more energy, be more focused. You kinda sorta know the things you should…

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Silence please. Pleaaaaaaaaase!

If you live in New York or any other big city you know silence is a rare commodity there. Non-stop sirens, alarms and honking, buses, trucks, loading and unloading, the screeching hellish sound of subway trains pulling into the station, all conspire to create a maddening environment. Even restaurants! You’d think respite could be found there, but no. They’re as noisy…

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Yoga With Beats! *A Live Music Class*

If you’ve taken my yoga class before you know I never use music. Never have. In the 19+ years I’ve been teaching. Except for a period of 6 months maybe, during which I found music to be distracting to my own concentration. I also found it difficult to find the right music, the right vibe, the right playlist that would harmonize with my teaching…

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How To Go From Effort-full To Fun-full Living

Do you push, strive and struggle more often than not to get things done? And maybe even exhaust yourself in the process? That is NOT fun and NO way to live. Yet “suffering” in order to feel good, worthy and deserving is a belief (turned behavioral) pattern that got downloaded in many of us’ subconscious long ago from our families,…

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You are NOT what you eat.

You’ve probably come across the phrase “You are what you eat”. Ayurveda tells us this is only partly true: we really are what we digest. Even if you eat the best diet of organic, local and seasonal food appropriate for your mind-body type, if you are not digesting all this great food very well then you’re not getting all the…

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