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Feeling Stuck? Happy to Give You a Kick in the Butt This Sunday (With Love :)

Hello Sunshine,
Could you use a little help to snap out of your wintery self? Are you struggling to get going in the morning, feel enthusiastic about anything and just take action in any part of your life?! Rest assured, it’s not just you. The end of the winter sees a lot of us feeling stuck (from mildly to majorly). Maybe even a tad depressed. No worries says Ayurveda. This is a normal occurence at the end of the winter, when kapha qualities accumulate.

Kapha is the combined energy of the earth and water elements. And if you mix earth and water, what do you get? Mud. If you’ve been feeling muddy lately, as in slow, dense, cold, heavy, don’t be surprised! It’s the natural cycle of nature, which you are a part of. Add to that way too much time spent indoors, not enough sun, exercise or lightly steamed veggies, and you’ve got a sure recipe for feeling dull comes mid-march.

The thing with this muddy kapha energy is that it can be a bit stubborn. A bit resistant. And often needs a kick in the butt to get moving!

This Sunday March 15th, myself and my dear friend Kat Katsanis-Semel will happily give you that (energetic) kick in the butt! 🙂

We will guide you through a series of practices, all intended to help you feel clear, light and receptive.

We will open our hearts with the chanting of sacred sounds, set clear intentions,​ loosen up our stiff joints, untie muscular knots and circulate vital energy, then release deeply ingrained cellular stress with the practice of yoga nidra, or conscious sleep.

In that relaxed and open state, Kat, a gifted intuitive, will then share clairaudient and clairvoyant personalized messages with each participant. From those messages you will gain greater clarity, mental strength, and focus. While Kat does her magic, I will move around the room, sharing TLC with everyone, in the form of neck and hand massages (using the best organic essential oils.)

We will end our time together with a mindfulness based meditation to integrate all of our newly received insights.

As we transition into early spring the time is ripe to shake off what’s been feeling heavy. If you’re ready to make room in your body and mind for new insights and inspiration to come through, then join us on Sunday, March 15th, Kat and I will support you in doing so. Click here to register.

See you soon ! xo


(ps. in order to give everyone our full attention we’ve decided to limit attendance to 12 people. Only 4 spots left!!)

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