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Find Me at the East Meets West Festival Sunday May 22nd!

Hola chicas!

A quick note to keep you posted on the latest.

I’ll be presenting this Sunday, May 22nd 2016, at the East Meets West Festival in New York City.

What is it? A new kind of festival that combines art, wellness and wisdom. The speakers line-up is great (hey, I’m in there! :)) Seriously, Robert Thurman will deliver a talk on the “Relation of Buddhist “Inner Science” to Buddhist Healing Science, as Developed in India and Further Maintained in Tibet”. Now, that sounds like some heavy duty talk 🙂 If you’re looking for something lighter, you could check out the Uplift Project, or Alexandre Tannous – Sound Meditation (I am so there!). Or finish the day with a yoga class to balance your right and left brain hemispheres, accompanied by music from DJ Casey Skodneck. Anyway, you get the picture. It’s gonna be cool, cutting-edge and lots of fun.

What about my presentation? Here are the deets. It’s called Breathe Right to Feel Good – The Art & Science of Proper Breathing, and it’s happening Sunday 5/22/16 2-3pm at The Center fo Social Innovation. I’ll be joined by my friend and founder of Kima Wellness, Tracey Vincel. Together we will explore, both from a scientific and spiritual standpoint, how deep breathing (yup, the kind you do in yoga class) is not always optimal. Shocked? I’m not surprised. Interestingly, Tracey brought me scientific proof of something that I had always intuited when teaching yoga, that breathing deeply doesn’t obviously make one feel good. It has its pros and cons, according to whether we’re looking to improve our physical, emotional or spiritual health. Curious to know more? Then sign up here. You can attend a whole day for $50. Some sessions are $15, some $35. Overall, it’s super affordable, so come and tell your friends.

I look forward to seeing you this week-end!




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