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France + A New Yoga Class on the Upper West Side!

I wanted to wish you a wonderful 2014. I hope this year will see you get out of your comfort zone to expand, connect, love and live each moment with full awareness and a sense of humor too!

I recently came back from France, where I visited my family. The photo above was taken near St Rémy de Provence. Such a beautiful area. I got to visit impressive monuments: an abbaye (l’Abbaye de Montmajour), a castle (le chateau de Tarascon), the monastery St Paul-de -Mausole, below (where Vincent van Gogh spent a year shortly before his death).

All awe-inspiring. And so old! Can you believe 99% of the ceilings and floors of that castle (below) are the original ones!? From 1400!! I look forward to exploring some more next time I go.

I also got to hang with animals, something unfortunately I don’t get to do much here in NYC: peacocks, chickens, an amazingly beautiful rooster, a few hundreds sheep grazing near our family home and my brother’s dog Leo. It’s him below (hoping to come in through the kitchen window :))

1X8A0530Animals have so much to teach us in terms of being in the moment, trusting (knowing instinctively, in the case of animals) that the next moment will be provided for. I don’t think animals get chronic stress. Unless they spend too much time with humans probably!

Now feeling replenished I am back in NYC, back to facilitating healing through ayurvedic wellness coaching (next program starts in the spring – stay tuned!) and yoga. Maybe some of you don’t know, but teaching yoga is what got me hooked to holistic health and living, back in 1996. To this day I find the same joy in sharing.

You can find me at Upper West Side Yoga & Wellness on:

Mondays 7:30pm- 8:45pm and now also Saturdays 9:15am- 10:30am

Both classes are open level. Come as you are, we’ll make it work.

I hope you come by. Upper West Side Yoga & Wellness is a little gem of a yoga studio, a true mom and pop business, a rarity these days!


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