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From Grey to Sunny: A Playshop to Help You Revive Yourself Just in Time for Spring!

Beautiful one,
Do you sometimes feel like you’re not quite living YOUR life? That you’re more or less on auto-pilot, living a métro-boulot-dodo kinda life, as we say in French (subway-work-sleep)?

Of course deep inside you know you could do great things and have a lot of fun in the process. But that natural greatness of yours is buried under a bunch of muscle aches and pain, confusion, doubt and plain exhaustion. All of which are keeping you stuck in the same old, same old daily routine. Not the ideal conditions for your unique talents to come through, is it? I’ve been there. In fact I am there regularly! That’s right. I regularly go through episodes of wanting to hide under the covers (and actually hiding under the covers!), wondering if I should do this or that forever and doing nothing in the end or feeling so uninspired that not even the cutest puppy video on the web will move me. But you know what? it is NOT a problem!

Stuck? Not a problem!

That’s right. It’s not a problem when you have tools to get unstuck and use them. For me those tools are chanting, dancing, meditating, practicing yoga postures, jogging in Central Park, writing intentions and remembering all I have and all I do that IS working. Another most important tool in my “get unstuck” emergency kit is to seek out the vibrations of people whom I find inspiring and uplifting (for example watching a spiritual documentary, listening to Adyashanti, reading Eckart Tolle or Yogananda.)

From Grey to Sunny: Come Play with Us on Sunday March 15th !

Have you been feeling sluggish, burnt out, or just plain tired? Mentally drained, scattered, or downright confused? Stuck?

It’s difficult from that state to create in the positive, in fact it’s impossible. Why? Because you create your life from the inside out. So for better or worse, how you feel in your own body and mind will end up coloring everything you create in your life, be it a painting, a relationship or PowerPoint presentation!

In other words, if you’re feeling grey inside (wouldn’t blame you, its been a rough past two months in NYC), how sunny can your creating be? On Sunday March 15th 1:30pm-4pm, myself and my dear friend Kat Katsanis-Semel will help you go from grey and cloudy to bright and sunny. We will set clear intentions, chant, breathe vigorously, smell energizing scents, warm and invigorate our bodies then relax deeply with a guided practice of yoga nidra. In that open and relaxed state, Kat, a gifted intuitive will share clairaudient and clairvoyant personalized messages with each participant. Kat’s channeled guidance never fails to uplift, clarify and give one mental strength. I speak from experience as I have consulted with her several times.

As winter ends, the time is ripe to create anew. On Sunday, March 15th, allow us to support you in doing so.

Click here for all details and to register. In order to give everyone our full attention we’ve decided to limit attendance to 12 people. Sign up sooner than later! (early bird pricing available until 3/8)

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