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It’s spring. Finally. And with spring often comes a desire to detox, in some ways. If you go searching online you’ll find a ton of information on how to cleanse, all of which might leave you more confused than anything else. When it comes to cleansing I favor gentle. The reason for that is that a cleansing regimen that is extreme, radically different from what you are used of eating and leaves you hungry most of the time is actually not going to detox you in the least. Yep. You heard me. Instead you’ll be placing yourself in a state of stress. Whenever we restrict our food intake drastically our body’s metabolism slows down in an effort to hold on to whatever fat/energy it has in reserve. This is a survival mechanism. But also the opposite of what we intend when cleansing, which is to get things moving and eliminate. So again, for me gentle is where it’s at. Plus, why suffer?!

Start where you are.

What I like to do when I feel a need for a little in-house cleaning if you will, is first take a look at my diet, get honest with myself and determine what eating habit I have got into that’s not so good for me. Then proceed to focus on releasing that habit, at least for a period of time, and establish a new, healthier baseline for myself.

This is the 3-step process I recommend you follow.

1. AWARENESS. Keep a food diary for 3 to 5 days to get clear with yourself on what is it exactly that you are eating every day. This can be a brutal yet necessary reality check to the state of your diet. Mindless eating is rampant these days. We eat while playing with our phones, heavily engaged in conversation, on the go, so much so that we may not always realize everything that we are eating.

2. FOCUS. Take a look at your data and notice the trends. This is where it gets really interesting. What are you eating (or drinking) a little too much of, a little too often?

• Sweets, sugar, chocolate?

• White flour-based items such as breads, pasta and pizza?

• Fried food?

• Meat?

• Dairy?

• Chips and crackers?

• Snacks?

• Caffeine?

• Wine?

3. ACTION. Whatever habit stands out in your food diary, resolve to gently and maybe fully tame it for 10 days. See how you feel. You might be inspired to continue with this simple practice.

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Happy Spring Cleaning everyone ~


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