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Goddess On The Go Oct. 20th 2013: A Full Day of Self-Care, Fun and Inspiration!


I am so happy to share with you that I will be presenting at the next Goddess On The Go event, happening October 20th in NYC. This is a full-day event for women to remember what it’s like to feel good in every possible way (and if you are reading this and are NOT a woman then this is for the women in your life – please share with them!)

How often do you give to yourself and fully allow yourself to be present without any feelings of guilt?  Would you like to experience a day that was custom designed for you to step into your Goddess energy.

Come join me for a DELICIOUS day of open-heart experiences, rituals that reconnect you to your body, and a room full of women who will support you in uncovering your dreams. You will have fun and be inspired!


Rebalancing Your Spirit with Jo JAYSON of Expressions of The Goddess


Often we are disconnected from our creative energy and can’t understand why? We hear the word goddess but have no idea where it derived from. Through an experiential exercise Jo Jayson will guide us on opening up our energy points and teach us how to nurture ourselves and call forth our feminine spirit. You will learn which goddess you truly embody

Live Your Truth with Intuitive Coach Kirra SHERMAN

Kirra Sherman smiling

Kirra will guide us through a deep meditation where we will experience freedom from our blockages. Through a heart-opening exercise we will connect with our sisters in the room as well as our own truth. Find your courage, your voice, and what feels good to you!

Nia With Bernadette PLEASANT


Nia is an exploration of your body. Bernadette will show you how to move to the natural rhythms of your body and become familiar with the freedom and ecstasy that comes along with doing so. You will tap into your inner Goddess and invite you to pay homage to every inch of your delicious body while partaking in a fun workout Attendees will also have an opportunity to share in “A Moment to Shine.”

**** Healthy Catered Lunch Nourish your pleasure-loving palette with lunch by personal chef Ibetliza Frias of Deliciously Wholesome ****

Stress-Free In The City with Sylvie BARTHELEMY


Sylvie will share with you the #1 cause of stress (and anxiety, worry, lack of joy and vitality…) that is seldom talked about (You will then explore how a typical day unfolds for you and where things “go wrong”, i.e. when the choices you make end up causing you to feel tired, overwhelmed, dull or disconnected.Through a guided visualization Sylvie will then open your mind up to the possibility of a perfectly stress-free life.

What You Need to Know

WHEN: October 20, 2013

WHERE:  Green Spaces

394 Broadway, 6th Floor

NY, NY 10013

WHAT TIME: 10:30a-5:30p

HOW: Come dressed in comfy clothes. Lunch and snacks provided. Sign up at
A percentage of all ticket sales goes to support our bi-weekly program with

If you’re ready to be renewed with the energy and power of your Goddess-self, sign up now

DON”T HESISTATE, the experience of spending a day being good to yourself is priceless. Feel free to pass this on to the women in your circle.
I hope to see you there.

Until then…Be good and be well!



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