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Happy Holidays…Right?!?! (+ I am calm meditation recording)


Here they are again: the (end-of-the-year) Holidays.

And all the things that (potentially) come with them: too many parties, too much drinking, eating, talking, gift shopping, cards to buy, write and mail (on time), trips to plan, relatives to..uh..manage, quarterly tax payment to make for some, perhaps a little volunteering here or there. And how about New Year’s eve? What are you gonna do for NYE? And wear!?

We sure do not live in a culture that supports a quiet, simple, soulful enjoyment of this season.

No, it has to be trending, sugary, alcoholic, bright, loud, high-energy, over the top! Or does it? Hey, after all, haven’t you got something called free will? So today, right now even, I am inviting you to pause and reflect for a moment.

How do you want your holiday season to unfold?

What truly matters to you at this time of year?

What are you most in need of?

Giving. Receiving. Listening. Solitude. Rejuvenation. Lightness.

Stability. Connecting. Dancing. Ease. Sweating. Focus. Energy. Loving. 

Clarity. Healing. Organizing. Screaming perhaps!? Or else?

It’s your call. Once you’ve determined what you needed most, visualize yourself moving through the next two, three weeks. Go deep within, get lost in your mind for a few minutes and see yourself going about your life. You may want to zoom in on a particular event or encounter. Use your imagination to generate enough details and cause an actual shift in your emotional state. Savor this virtual reality, and the very real feelings you experience as you imagine yourself in such and such situation. Then open your eyes and forget about it all.

How it works

The way to manifest anything is to #1 clarify what you truly desire, then #2 imagine it so vividly, as if already there, that your emotional state shifts in the intended direction. Last but not least, #3 release any attachment to how things turn out. Trust. You’ve just imprinted into your subconscious mind an image of the reality you wish to manifest. Except the subconscious mind doesn’t make a difference between virtual and 3-D reality. That’s why we are able to generate very real feelings in our physical body by simply imagining certain things (or watching movies). Yet those subconsciously – planted images/thoughts/beliefs and the very real feelings they give rise to act like magnets for specific life circumstances and experiences…the kind that perfectly match them! This is based on the law of attraction, or vibration, which states that as you think so you feel/vibrate, and so you attract.

My treat

Any visualization carries a lot more power when it arises out of a calm center. To help you access that place within you I recorded a short meditation you can use either before your visualization exercise or anytime you are NOT feeling calm. All you need is 5 minutes. Just close your eyes and I’ll guide you. Click HERE to listen and download. Feel free to share it with your friends and family too. Get everyone to calm down. (if that’s at all possible!)

I wish you all a peaceful holiday season, and the manifestation of your heart’s deepest longing.

Warm hug,


(ps. If you’ve been meaning to “start meditating” but are confused about the many different approaches or think it’s too hard for you, I’d be happy to guide you. Check out my 4-week Online Meditation Starter.)


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