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Lite or Full Fat?

Dear friend and desirer of perfect health, (I could have said “seeker” but I don’t think seeking gets us as far as burning desires do!)

Do you love yourself? I know that questions sounds so… gooey. Though I imagine your answer is “Well, yes, of course!”. Then let me ask you, what do you actually DO on a day-to-day basis as a tangible expression of this unbounded love you have for yourself? (think about it. I’ll wait……..)

Self-love is one of those many phrases, like letting go, inner-peace or feminine power (that one’s really en vogue!) that sounds really good, that we often use casually, talk and discuss about plenty, but maybe do not EMBODY nearly enough to truly know what it means.

Love: from concept to direct experience

Do you believe that “love is all”? Do you believe that “love heals”? I personally do. But if you had asked me 15 years ago I probably would have answered you with a short and not-so-sweet “Whatever.” Words and concepts, no matter how well we understand them intellectually, cannot replace direct experience, and in this case feeling the vibration of love in our very cells. I feel blessed today to know what that feels like, more often than not. And I’m sure the knowing will continue to deepen.

Now, I suppose you could wait for Prince Charming to come along to give you that perfect love. Yet based on the law of attraction which states that we attract to ourselves people/situations that match our current feeling-state, you might wait forever! No, the only way is to be proactive and give yourself that kind of love. How? By first understanding the value in self-care and integrating more of it in your everyday life, to the point that the concept of self-love turns into an actual experience of love, vibrating its healing magic in your very cells.

Self-Care: lite vs. full fat

For some, getting a weekly manicure or a monthly facial is where self-love is at. I call this self-care lite. And I’m all for it! (as well as having a great haircut and awesome shades, a few essentials in my french fashion arsenal if you ask me!) Yet this type of self-care is incomplete. At some point you realize that all the spa treatments, stylish haircuts and fashionable clothes aren’t doing it anymore. Usually when you hit a rough patch. As I did a few years ago when diagnosed with an auto-immune imbalance. The blessing of this diagnosis was that it forced me to slow down and re-assess how I was living my life. I realized that by not resting enough, pushing through, compromising too much, going, going, going, I had burnt out. I also had to admit I had been a dilettante in the self-care department, seemingly doing a lot but on closer inspection doing nothing consistently. Dabbling into a zillion of healing practices haphazardly without committing to any of them (another form of self-care lite), wasn’t nourishing me, it was actually exhausting me! And that’s when it dawned on my that true self-care is not something we do when when we remember, when we have the time, the money, the energy.

And precisely what opens us up to a new dimension of being where there is no shortage of time, money and energy! How cool is that. It is a win-win…win-win-win-win (infinite wins!) situation. Everyone wins when you prioritize your health. You feel good > You radiate good > You attract good > You are motivated to do good > You are spreading good vibrations to all the people you meet > and they LOVE you for it. It’s a beautiful chain-reaction of love and goodness!

Self-Care & Shine Starts 4/1 @Reflections Yoga NYC

If you are ready to set that chain reaction into motion, my upcoming wellness program, Self-Care & Shine, might be just what you need. It is designed to help you turn the idea of self-love into an actual experience of it. Over the course of 10 weeks, you will be guided to take concrete and specific steps to integrate more self-care rituals ( into your everyday life. You’ll learn how to nourish every part of you in the best possible way, creating conditions within yourself ripe for the blossoming of your highest potential and an awesome life.

More details here:

If you are considering joining, please email me to set up a phone chat ( This is a LIVE group program limited to 20 women, eager to elevate their well-being to a whole new level. When we connect, you can ask me all your questions and together we’ll determine if Self-Care & Shine is a good fit for you right now.

Ok, and because I couldn’t resist, to get you started on that good vibration momentum, here is Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch!



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