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Are you stressed? Research has shown that women experience higher levels of stress than men during the holidays. Will you be gift shopping, meal-planning, decorating, hostessing, looking to make everyone feel good, while looking good!? How do you cope with the pressures coming from all sides? One word: self-care. Food, alcohol, shoe-shopping, uppers and downers of all kinds, all wonderful and fun but when used as stress-relief: #1 can become addictive and #2 fail to address the root cause of stress. What would that be you might ask? Perspective. That’s right, stress is a matter of perspective. What’s stressful to someone is not obviously stressful to someone else. And how do you keep yourself in a state when nothing is perceived as a big deal? Again:

* Self-Care *

Not when-I-remember self-care or when-I-have-time self-care. The key is to be consistent and establish a pattern of self-care (vs. destruction) With that in mind I have 3 stress-relief practices for you below (including a new audio!), all meant to help you stay on track with your self-care amidst the busy-ness of the season.

#1 Sit Back, Listen and Relax Deeply

Deep relaxation is an art. Watching TV, going to a concert, reading a book, while entertaining still stimulate the senses and therefore do not provide deep rest. The solution? Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep. Yoga nidra is a systematic way of withdrawing sensory energy to provide the nervous system a real time-out and restore you. Click here to listen and download a yoga nidra sequence I recorded just for you (and share with your friends as well) 12 minutes to reset! Rx: 1 x day, at least 5 days x week.

#2 Hot Water

You may have heard about drinking a glass of hot water upon awakening, but sipping on hot water throughout the day is even better. It’s detoxing, flushes the lymphatic system, improves digestion and gets the bowels moving. It’s also very grounding emotionally. Rx: fill a thermos with plain hot water upon awakening, take it with you on the go and sip away. You may find it satisfies you as much as coffee. Really!

#3 Block & Book

When you think you have no time for self-care, that’s a sign you need it most. So what’s a busy bee like you to do? May I suggest the Block & Book approach? Look at your to-do list. Could you delegate a few tasks? Cancel some? Prioritize. Rx: block your schedule and book yourself some me-time, perhaps a massage, an infra-red sauna, or reflexology treatment. Just schedule it!

Thank you for staying on top of your self-care. Not only will you benefit, but so will the people you interact with. Here’s to circulating more well-being this season!

I wish you and your loved ones a Happy, Relaxed Thanksgiving.

With warmth,


(ps. If you live in New York City I can help you keep calm and enjoy the holidays with massage therapy, Yoga, Meditation and Reiki treatments. Email to book)



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