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To Juice or Not To Juice? (+ Detox Time on 5/22)

A Juice Cleanse is your ticket to health! Or is it? Over the last few years juicing has become very popular. Everywhere you look someone is talking about the life-changing effects of juicing. Dr. Oz and Oprah have their favorite “green juice”, books on the subject abound, juice bars are popping up left and right and because many celebrities are caught “juice in hand” it’s got to be…

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You are NOT what you eat.

You’ve probably come across the phrase “You are what you eat”. Ayurveda tells us this is only partly true: we really are what we digest. Even if you eat the best diet of organic, local and seasonal food appropriate for your mind-body type, if you are not digesting all this great food very well then you’re not getting all the…

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