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R&R in the City – Let Me Mellow You Out (11.25)

Hello busy one. How’s your life? Hectic? Frantic? Apocalyptic?!!

Ok, that last one was for the sake of rhyming and crescendo. Hopefully you’re not having an apocalyptic fall. But without getting all dramatic on you, the fall season does often see us losing it a little. Have you noticed? Think about your previous falls. Do you see a pattern? I certainly have noticed myself that at this time of year if I don’t take extra care to stay warm, sleep well and meditate I’ll turn into a nervous mess quicker than at any other times of year, worry excessively and have a hard time retrieving the words I need when I need them. (both in french AND english. Very frustrating.) I’ll also find myself pulling out my metrocard upon arriving home, and reach for my apartment keys as I enter the subway station. No Sylvie, your home is not the subway is not your home. Be grateful.”, I’ll tell myself. 🙂

Ayurveda explains why all the spaciness. It’s because it’s vata season! Vata is the energy of movement. It is a light, cold, subtle and very mobile energy. Those qualities are plentiful in the environment at this time of year. And if you don’t adjust your lifestyle accordingly they’ll invade your body and mind and wreak havoc !!! (I’m exaggerating the “gloom and doom” perspective here, but that’s what happens when vata gets out of control, we become fearful for a yes or a no.) Then you’ll wonder why you can’t think straight, relax or fall asleep.

R&R in  the City on 11/25/14 ~ Let me mellow you out.

If you’re already there or feel you’re slipping in that direction, I’ve got a super duper vata-pacifying, ie. stress-reducing, bliss-inducing workshop coming up. It’s happening November 25th at Reflections Yoga Studio, from 7-9pm. During those two hours we will warm, relax and ground ourselves. After learning what it is we do, eat or think that cause us to feel frazzled, we will delve into a long and luxurious practice to relax the nervous system and deeply replenish.

A cozy experience.

Because I want this to be a cozy, intimate experience for everyone I am limiting attendance to 10 people. This will allow me to give all participants personal guidance as well as yummy passive stretches and little neck /hand/ foot massages. Yep! (I am a licensed massage therapist too, in case you didn’t know).

For more details and to sign up please click HERE. It’s only 2 weeks away, so I recommend you reserve your spot sooner than later.

*** Note: this workshop is for women only ***

I hope to see you on the 25th.

With warmth,


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