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Yoga With Beats! *A Live Music Class*

If you’ve taken my yoga class before you know I never use music.

Never have. In the 19+ years I’ve been teaching. Except for a period of 6 months maybe, during which I found music to be distracting to my own concentration. I also found it difficult to find the right music, the right vibe, the right playlist that would harmonize with my teaching style, theme or mood of the day. So I got back to teaching with silence as my main background “sound”. And I love it that way. BUT…

I do love music.

And as someone who trained for 15 years to become a professional dancer I am no stranger to the therapeutic effects of movement and music combined. When both come together harmoniously they provide a powerful outlet for pent up stress, buried emotions, excessive mental activity…and also a way to get out of our head and ultimately feel more…ALIVE.

Yoga with live music!

So the idea popped in my head a few months ago that perhaps I could teach a yoga class with music but not any kind, it would have to be LIVE MUSIC, spontaneous, fresh beats to match my teaching, in the moment. And guess what? It’s happening this Friday September 18th 5:30PM – 7PM at Upper West Side Yoga & Wellness!

I’m thrilled to announce that my friend, yoga teacher and gifted percussionist (perfect combo right there!) Danny O’Brien will partner with me for this new class. Danny will intuitively echo my sequencing with beats that we hope will awaken your body, uplift your soul and provide much healing, wherever you need it.

Click here to sign up online

For now Friday September 18th is the only date scheduled for this new class format. If you love it (as we think you will!) it could well become a monthly offering.

Come sweat and de-stress with us Friday ~



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